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Need a golf scorecard app? The 18Birdies app has you covered

The 18Birdies golf gps and golf scorecard app is the easiest way to record your daily, weekly, and lifetime golf scores and stats. Your golf round is scored directly in the 18Birdies mobile app (for Apple iPhone and for Android phones).  Your golf scorecard and golf stats can also be entered directly from our free Apple Watch golf app.


The scorecard for every round of golf you play is stored in your golf Round History in the 18Birdies app. Your golf scorecards and golf stats can be accessed easily from your profile, during a live round of golf, and from your Post Round Summary.  Let’s look at how the 18Birdies free golf scorecard app can help you play better golf.


Scores and stats in one place

Regular golf scorecards are boring and only let you track scores hole-by-hole. Scorecards in the 18Birdies app are awesome and let you track much more than you would in a regular golf scorecard. The 18Birdies app will record your gross score (total score) and automatically calculate your net score for every hole and at the end of your round. Your net score is your total strokes recorded during the round with an adjustment relative to your golf handicap. You have the option to use the 18Birdies free Golf Handicap that we give you after entering scores in the 18Birdies app, or you can use your own golf handicap if you’re tracking it somewhere else.


In addition to your golf scores, you should be tracking your stats using the 18Birdies app too. Let’s look at all of the stats you can track on the 18Birdies golf scorecard app:


  • Scores (bogey, par, birdies, etc)
  • Putts
  • Targets
  • Greens in Regulation
  • Fairways Hit
  • Chips
  • Sand Saves
  • Up & Down
  • Penalties
  • Betting History
  • Drives and shot distances for every club
  • Solid Shot


Don’t forget to add your friends to your golf scorecard! 

We all know golf is better when played with friends, and the 18Birdies golf scorecard app makes it even more fun with group golf live scoring, golf betting games, and golf leaderboards. Set up a golf leaderboard with just you and your friends, record every golf round you play with the 18Birdies golf scorecard, then compete with your friends for the number one spot on the golf leaderboard.


Track your golf scorecards and stats over time

The 18Birdies app is great for golf gps and golf scorecard tracking, but did you know that the 18Birdies app is also great for improving your golf game?

Use  the golf stats section from your 18Birdies profile to see changes to your golf score over time. In addition to golf scores, the 18Birdies app will display golf improvement charts for fairways hit, greens in regulation, sand shots, putts made, scoring penalties, and up-and-downs. Advanced Stats Filters will sort your golf scores and stats by golf round type, timeframe, or golf course difficulty.

Live Scoring Golf App

Recording your golf scores and stats during your round, better known as Live Scoring, can be done from the main 18Birdies golf GPS screen or from the in-app golf scorecard scoring screen. Tap the blue Enter Score button on the golf GPS screen, or tap the blue golf pencil icon on the golf scorecard to open the golf round scoring and stats panel.

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