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18Birdies makes it easy to schedule your next round of golf

Are you tired of the hassle of trying to coordinate golf rounds with your friends? Do you find yourself wasting precious time on the first tee box trying to organize your group? Well, we have a game-changing feature that will make your life easier!

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How does it work?

Introducing the Round Scheduler, a powerful feature found in the Play tab of the 18Birdies app. The Round Scheduler empowers you to schedule a future round at a specific course and time, and invite your friends to join you. But that's not all!

Once you've scheduled the round, you can use 18Birdies to easily remind your friends about the upcoming tee time, making it simpler to organize your next round with friends. You and your friends can even preview the golf course ahead of time – so no excuses for not finding the fairway. 😉

With the Round Scheduler, you can spend less time coordinating tee times and more time enjoying your round. This feature saves group organizers time and reduces the hassle of arranging tee times, ensuring that everyone is already set up and ready to go before they arrive at the course.

Download the 18Birdies app today and start enjoying stress-free tee time coordination!

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