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Understanding the Science Behind the Shot

Gone are the days of estimating shots based solely on flat yardage. 18Birdies' Plays Like Distances bring a scientific edge to your game, accounting for the dynamic range of environmental factors. The wind, that invisible opponent, is now a friend gently guiding your shot. Elevation changes become calculated advantages, not daunting obstacles. 

Temperature and air density cease to be mere afterthoughts, emerging as crucial players in determining your shot's distance. With Plays Like, you're not just hitting a ball; you're mastering the elements and the course to reach the perfect shot at the pin.

How does wind affect your shot?

Wind can not only push the ball in the direction it’s blowing but can also affect its spin. If the wind is blowing hard toward the tee box from the green, the ball will not fly as far due to the wind but will also spin more. 

How does temperature affect your shot?

Cold air has a higher density than warmer air so if it’s cold out the ball will fly shorter. The golf ball will also compress less in cold weather. Each of these factors needs to be considered in order to plan for the perfect shot. Temperature can affect how energy is transferred to the golf ball and how it flies through the air.

How does elevation affect your shot?

Elevation can make your shot play longer if the landing zone is above where the shot started because the ball will have less time to travel through the air. In the same way, shots with a target below where the ball sits will play shorter because the ball will be traveling through the air for a longer period of time. 


Your Golf App: Bring Your Caddie to Every Course

Picture this: a GPS that not only tells you where you are on the course but also acts as a virtual caddie, offering club recommendations that take account of temperature, elevation, and wind. Plays Like makes sure that you're armed with accurate information to make informed decisions with every swing. No more second-guessing, use technology to enhance your game today.

Head on over to your profile and set up your Golf Bag. Once your Golf Bag has been set up with your clubs, you’re ready to start Tracking Shots! Tracking Shots helps your caddie learn how far you hit each of your clubs. Using Plays Like adjustments on your tracked shots, 18Birdies will be able to learn your True Distance for each club and recommend the right club, for every shot.

Visualizing Success: Distance Arcs and Beyond

Ever wished you could see the trajectory of your shot before even lifting the club? Using Plays Like Distances, know more than ever before with each shot. When used with Distance Arcs, anticipate the impact of wind, and refine your strategy with each round. Once your golf bag is set up, using Distance Arcs will help you select the distance that will leave you in the perfect spot for your next shot. 

Use course preview with Plays Like Distances to create a game plan for your round and shoot lower scores today. Using Distance Arcs during your round combined with plays will let you plan out every shot, leaving you confident to make the next shot a great one. 

A Caddie in Your Pocket: Anytime, Anywhere

18Birdies is with you at every course you play. Whether you’re at Chambers Bay, Sawgrass, or your local muni course, 18birdies has you covered. 

Plays Like will adapt to your local conditions to give you personalized club recommendations and help you play your best game, wherever you play. Even when the weather changes during your round, Plays Like gives you the power to manually change all of the environmental variables quickly, right on the GPS screen.

Elevate Your Game, Embrace Efficiency. With technology always changing, 18Birdies always ensure that you’re at the front of the pack. Using Plays Like Distances will ensure that you will always have tour-level caddie tips right there in your pocket to help you meet your Scoring Goals

Don’t settle for guesswork, sign up for a Premium subscription and play better golf today.

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