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​​18Birdies is the best golf gps app for free for iphone and for Android. Millions of golfers around the world are using 18Birdies to improve their game. Lower your handicap with the help of our best golf gps app free features and keep track of your scores and stats with our golf scorecard. It’s now easier than ever to get rangefinder gps distances on the golf course, and it’s free for iPhone and for Android.  What are you waiting for, download the 18Birdies free golf gps app today!


Using 18Birdies is like having a Tour-level caddie and golf GPS rangefinder in your pocket. Play every shot like a pro with accurate “Plays Like" gps distances in yards or meters, based on elevation change, wind, rain, temperature, and more. Throw away your handheld range finder, you won’t need it. 18Birdies golf gps app is free for iphone and for Android and there's also an apple watch app that combines free rangefinder distances to every hole location, bunker, hazard, and front and back of every green on the course.   


The 18Birdies golf gps free app will help you find distances to the green or to anywhere on the course and is insanely accurate. It’s even better than a handheld rangefinder and provides accurate distances in yards or meters for every shot, and in any country worldwide.  


The 18Birdies golf GPS free app for iPhone or Android will help you easily navigate the course and shoot lower scores. If you have the 18Birdies free Apple Watch App you can also get distances on the course instantly without having to pick up your phone.  You can even track scores and stats during your round along with our rangefinder distance tools for free on the course with our free Apple Watch golf app.  


If you’re looking for tour level distance control then check out our Plays Like feature. It’s a golf gps distance tool that gives you personalized distances and club recommendations based on elevation change between your location to the hole for uphill and downhill shots. Plays Like also provides how far a shot will play for temperature, wind, rain, lie angle, and more. Plays Like has helped make 18Birdies the best golf gps app on the market.  


Looking for exact distances to every flag or hole location during a round?  Try Distance Arcs, which takes our free golf rangefinder to the next level. You’ll be able to see the distance to every hole location on the course for every day that you play. Even when the hole location moves every day you'll easily be able to see how far to play the shot, coming up 10 yard short on an approach shot will no longer happen and your new and improved distance control will save you plenty of strokes per round.  Distance Arcs will also help you see how far it is to carry any bunker or hazard on the course and also provides layup distances to those hazards.


Download the 18Birdies Golf GPS app for free for iPhone or Android today.

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