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November 5 2020

Hey, nice to see you again!

Ready to dive into your stats and understand where and how to most efficiently improve your game? Below is your to-do list for the week:

  1. Review your stats. Really. Tracking your stats is one thing, but you really need to take a moment to understand what you're looking at and all the value those numbers hold is really important. We've made it easy to understand how your Fairways Hit should inform your course strategy, and have built tools to help you get on the green more often if you're struggling with GIR. Lastly, when it comes to putting – making use of our Benchmarks tool gives you insight on how you compare to others who have played the same course as you previously, which will give you a better sense of where to focus your short game practice.
  2. Read this blog post from our Team 18Birdies coaching team to learn more about how to look at your stats: Tips for Improving Your Primary Golf Stats
  3. Review your AI Coach swing analysis, and watch your Explainer videos. Our AI Coach system is broken down into 3 main parts, the swing analysis (and explanation of your results), a prioitized list of your target improvement areas, and the personalized drill recommendations to help you work on improving those areas we've identified that you need to work on. 
  4. Watch this video to learn more about how AI Coach works, and why taking a linear approach to improving your swing is the best way to go: AI Coach – How It Works

Okay, that's it for this week. We know it's a lot of reading and data – but we promise we'll get to the physical stuff next week!

Did you miss the Bootcamp memo? Read up about 18Birdies Bootcamp and why you should join. 

Get the 18Birdies Bootcamp Week 1 To-Do List HERE.

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