Top Clubs to Have for Kids New to Golf18 Birdies News

Has your child expressed an interest in golf? Is she getting to an age where you can start bringing her to the golf course? Has he started playing with your clubs outside on the grass? Putting game strong on the mini golf course? Sounds like it might be time to get your kids their own clubs! 

Where do you even begin? Great question. Here are the top golf clubs that our 18Birdies youth users have in their bags-

The third and second most used clubs in the youth golf bags are the 7 and 9 irons respectively. It shouldn’t surprise most golfers that a beginner has 7 and 9 irons in their golf bags - they are easier to hit with and they get the ball into the air quickly. They are perfect for beginners on fairways, with an average distance hit around 100-120 yards.  

The number one used golf club for kids in 18Birdies is the driver (aka the 1 wood). While the driver has the lowest degrees of loft (the angle of the club that impacts trajectory of the ball) of any club, it is used to hit the ball the farthest. This club is normally used off the tee, especially for a beginner. 

Outside of the irons and the driver, the next clubs that are mostly used in the kids bags are the putter, but it shows up as number 6 on the list while the wedge comes up as number 8. The 4 and 5th most used clubs are other woods. As you start to develop your kids golf bags, these are some things to keep in mind. 

Plus, we’ll let you in on something even cooler - there’s a great organization we’ve partnered with called Youth on Course. Youth on Course provides life-changing opportunities through golf and gets kids access to play over 1,200 courses around the country for only $5. Plus, you can look up those courses through our app! If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can do so here

See you and your kids on the next course! 

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