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With the PGA Memes Invitational underway, we thought we would share the Top 10 most played destination courses from all over the world. Whether you’re traveling for work and looking for courses to take clients or traveling for pleasure and looking to hit the links, our 18Birdies users have played these courses the most in the last year outside of the U.S.

image via Madeiras Country Club

10. Madeiras Country Club, Mexico

“Muy bonito”

“Great service”

“Surrounded by beautiful trees”

With reviews like this, it's no wonder that this course has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. If you're a beginner though, this course is not for you. The green speed is fast, the pace of play is medium, and users say the course is difficult. Luckily though, this course also offers golf classes as well as yoga classes to help with flexibility for your swings. 

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9. Yarra Bend Golf Course, Australia

“A public course with that private course feel” - Hamish James, 18Birdies user

The perfect place for the family! With two 18-hole courses, plus a driving range, AND a mini golf course for the kids, Yarra Bend is definitely a course to check out if you're vacationing in Melbourne with your family. Even if you’re from Melbourne but want to take a mini stay-cation, you can escape from the hustle of the city and hit the links at Yarra Bend- “a perfect countryside escape, without leaving Melbourne city.”

This one scores an overall of 4.3 in the app with course difficulty, green speed, and pace of play all rated as medium. 

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8. Oxford Golf Club, England

“Superb layout”

“Best course I’ve played this year”

“Good for novice players”

One of the oldest golf clubs in England, this one ranks high overall by our users with a 4.7! Considered a hard course with a fast green speed and pace of play, you’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful course amongst “poplars, willows, and hawthorns, and an abundance of wildlife, like muntjac deer, rabbits, pheasants and red kites” ( Headed to England soon? Make sure to check it out and play a round on the 18Birdies app!  

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7. Torcy, France

“Gourmet cuisine”

“Very friendly”

“Superb golf course”

With only 9 holes, Torcy is reviewed as being “well maintained” and “perfect to start or practice." Users review this course with a medium difficulty rating and green speed but a fast pace of play. Another family friendly location, Torcy offers more than just golf. With tennis courts, multiple restaurants, outdoor activities, a gym, and more, Torcy appeals to everyone in the family. Located right outside of Paris, if you’re looking to venture out, make sure to include some time in Torcy. 


6. River Bend Golf Course at Camp Humphreys, South Korea

“Had a lot of fun on the driving range!”

“Clean green”

“Excellent golf course”

Considered a “premier U.S. Military golf course in South Korea.”, this golf course was “designed by renowned American Golf Course Architect, Robert Jones II.” This course is located in U.S. Army Garrison-Humphreys, a branch of the U.S. Army that provides soldiers, veterans, and their families with community support and quality of life programs. With smaller, almost non-existent trees, and lots of space - this can be an easy course to play. With a restaurant, snack bar, and driving range also on the property, you can spend a full day of golf fun here. 

via Club de Golf Bellavista

5. Club de Golf Bellavista, Mexico

“Open space & beautiful view”

“Good food”

“Very great service and facilities”

Located less than an hour outside of Mexico City, Club de Golf Bellavista is the perfect place to visit if you want to get outside of the city and play a round. With a play structure and daycare for kids, multiple restaurants, a pool, gym and tennis courts - this is the perfect place to bring the whole family. With an emphasis on sustainability, you can rest assured that you’re doing good by the environment while also playing a round in beautiful Mexico. 18Birdies users listed this course as a hard course to play but with a fast green speed and pace of play. 


4. La Loma Club de Golf, Mexico

“Spectacular views, especially at sunrise”

“The employees go out of their way to take care of you”

“A good place to spend time with the family”

Designed by Jack Nicklaus, this course has an overall rating of 4.7 in 18Birdies with a fast green speed and pace of play. Users rated this course very hard to play. With residences amongst the courses as well as a restaurant and spa, this is another location where you can do more than golf. Who wouldn’t want a massage after a long day of hitting the links?

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3. Banyan Tree Golf Course, Japan

“Suitable for any level”

“Great course layout”

“Awesome views of Okinawa”

Another military favorite, Banyan Tree Golf Course is located on a U.S. Military base in Okinawa, Japan. If you aren’t a member of the United States Department of Defense personnel, Japan Air Self Defense Force personnel, and Kadena Air Base employees, then you have to get sponsored by one in order to play the course. With an overall rating of 4.2, users say this course has medium difficulty with also a medium pace of play and green speed. If you find yourself in Japan and are either a member of the military or can find someone to sponsor you, this can be a fun course to play. 

via Golf Advisor

2. Margalla Greens, Pakistan

“An enchanting place”

“Exceptionally well kept”

“Members only”

While the overall rating is 3.9, the Margalla Greens is a difficult course with a medium green speed and a fast pace of play. While you must be a member to play this course, it comes recommended from many users. Sitting at the foot of the Margalla hills, the views alone are something to bask in while you play the course. 

And the number 1 most played destination course played in the app is - 

via Islamabad

1. Islamabad, Pakistan

“Perfect golf course”

“Favorite club in the whole country”

“Delicious food”

With an overall rating of 4.1 by 18Birdies users, this is the ultimate family friendly location. There is a pool, a movie theater, a hotel, “tombola” (bingo!), horses, dining halls, and the golf course (both a new nine hole course and an old 18 hole course). The course difficulty and green speed are both listed as medium while the pace of play is fast. While it’s for members only, these members also have access to sister clubs all over the world. 

Remember, you can play any course in the world for the 18Birdies PGA Memes Invitational since it’s a virtual tournament. Virtual Tournament players have the chance to play golf and connect with other 18Birdies users, post and share content to the Tournament Feed – and win tons of sweet prizes! You have a few more days to play and earn a chance to win a trip to the 2020 Waste Management Open. Learn more by visiting the rules and guidelines here

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