Tee Shot Planner - Your New Best Friend on the CourseClubhouse

You're at a beautiful new course that you've never played before with your golf crew. You step up to the tee, freeze, and wonder, “How should I hit this?" Tee Shot Planner is here to help!

Always know where to aim off the tee, so that you get the lowest score on every hole. We’ve combined historical data (stats and scores) from other golfers who have played the course before you to help you determine the safest side of the fairway to miss, and which side to just say no to. You can even drill down to compare against player data in your same skill level to set.

Already played the course? You can still use Tee Shot Planner to see if you improve your round against the last time you played that course. You might get a new perspective or strategy at your favorite course, or the second time around at nearby course - either way, we know you'll shoot lower scores when you utilize this new feature in the app!

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