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If you want to eliminate 3 putts and make more putts, try this drill at every course before you play.


We have two drills for you, the first is if you’re in a rush and only have a minute or two to practice your putting before a round, and the other drill is if you have a longer time to practice.

Our 3 minute drill consists of learning the speed of the greens to eliminate 3 putts.  The key is to work on your speed from longer distances and various slopes.   

  • Grab 3 golf balls and find a 30 foot putt that is relatively flat and hit 3 putts
  • Next, find a downhill 30 foot putt & hit 3 putts.
  • Then find an uphill 30 footer & hit 3 putts.  
  • Repeat the same process from 15 and 45 feet.
  • You’re ready to play! Hitting longer putts from different slopes will give you a great sense for how the greens will roll and dramatically improve your speed out on the course to eliminate 3 putts.


If you have longer than 3 minutes try our favorite putting game to help you dial in the perfect ‘make speed’ for any putt & start dropping putts from everywhere on the course.  

  • To start, take just one ball and find a putt between 10 to 30 feet. Here’s the catch, the goal of this game is to dial in your speed so you never 3 putt again and to help you hit the right speed to make any putt on the green.  
  • Hit your first putt from 10-30 feet. 
  • If you make the putt you get 1 point.
  • If you miss the putt but finish within 2 feet long of the hole you get 0 points .
  • If your putt finishes more than 2 feet long of the hole or any distance short of the hole then you lose -1 point (so subtract a point from your current score).  
  • The goal of the game is to reach 5 points, and if you reach -5 points then start back over at 0 and try to get to 5 points.  
  • We highly suggest doing this before every round to give you the best feel possible of the speed of the greens for the day you’re playing.  

You’ll notice that oftentimes when coming up a couple of inches short of the hole your putt line may be right in the heart of the hole, so this game is meant to help you learn the speed to give you the best chance to make each putt, and make sure you never 3 putt again. 

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