Do Your Part – 5 Ways to Speed Up Play Using 18BirdiesFeatures

If you scroll through the social feed on 18Birdies, you’re bound to see someone complain about pace of play. While many of us have learned to just deal and grumble a bit as you play past that problem group – we’re not sure if anyone’s come up with a viable solution. And if you happen to be a part of that problem group? Well, as always, we’re here to help. 

According to our users, we’ve identified some of the biggest culprits that could be causing slow pace of play – so we put together 5 ways that can improve your pace of play by using -- you guessed it – 18Birdies!

1. Lower Scores Start on the Tee

Using Caddy+ in conjunction with Tee Shot Planner, you can learn what club to use and how to hit the ball to get you the lowest possible score for that hole which will save you additional swings. We’ve combined historical data (stats and scores) from other golfers who have played the course before you to help you determine the safest side of the fairway to miss, and which side to just say no to. You can even drill down to compare against player data in your same skill level!

2. Leave the Pencil and Paper for the Kids

Ever put your scorecard in the cupholder and then put your beer on top of it? Maybe put the pencil in your back pocket and accidentally sit on it when you get back in the cart? Save the trees and let 18Birdies track your score. Just open up the app and start the round. It’s that easy. 

3. Never Shoot Blind

Can’t see where the hole is from where your ball landed? 18Birdies has got your back [nine]. Don't waste time driving up to see where you want to hit, or trying to figure out where to hit using another GPS app. Blind Shot Compass will quickly show you a reference point for the middle of the green and tell you the exact direction you should aim right in the app. 

4. Fewer Strokes Saves Lies

How about we break the cycle of doing the same thing over and over again to get you nowhere but deeper into the sand trap? Live Coach will tell you how to hit your bad lie so you can save your strokes and score lower. 

5. Who Doesn't Love a Side Game?

People who try to calculate winners without using 18Birdies, that’s who. Don't waste time trying to calculate who won on your own, utilize the “Side Games” feature while you’re playing a round with friends. Just click the “Group” icon in the round and then click “Add Side Games” to choose your game and score. Check out our users favorite side games in the app here

Not a Premium 18Birdies user yet? Truly improve your pace of play and lower your score by upgrading to Premium by clicking here. Your first week is on us.

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