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Jasmine, aka The Jazzy Golfer, has been playing golf for only 2 years and she’s on a mission to break 90! Her current average is 95 and within 6 months, she wants to reduce her score by 5 shots and she’s documenting it all in her YouTube series, #JGBreak90.

But why? 

Being the daughter of an avid golfer, it was inevitable for her to pick up a club. Once she hit her first solid shot her first time on a course, her love of the game began. So why start her platform, The Jazzy Golfer, and why this want to break 90? She sees a need. She feels that more women should play golf and there’s not enough representation for girls to look up to if they’re inspired to play (#representationmatters). She also wants to promote the fun side of golf while also improving her golf game. 

Starting her golf journey in 2017, she tends to play a full 18 holes on the weekends and practices on the driving range during the week. As of August, she decided that after averaging 95, she finally wants to break 90. She’ll be using 18Birdies on the course to track her scores and stats to help shape what she practices off the course with her coach, Andy. After each round, she’ll utilize the app’s ‘myPAR™’ feature to analyze previous rounds and performance so she can better prepare for her next round on the course. What’s great about myPAR™ is that you simply have to update your score in 18Birdies and the app does the work for you - you’ll be able to understand your playing ability and track your performance over time. 

If you’re new to golf, this is a great time to follow The Jazzy Golfer - it’s nice to be in company with those who are at your same level in the game. If you’re an avid golfer but not too familiar with 18Birdies, following Jasmine can be a great way to see how she uses the app to better her overall golf game and improve her score. Follow The Jazzy Golfer’s YouTube series, #JGBreak90, to track her progress and maybe get some helpful tips along the way. If you’re new to golf like her, see if you can follow along on your progress as well using 18Birdies. 

Think she can break 90 in under 6 months? You’ll have to tune in to find out....

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