Workouts to Help You Gain Distance: The Bear CrawlClubhouse

Editor's Note: Yes, winter is here. But that's no excuse to start slacking on your game improvement! In order to keep your golf game up to par (or below if you put the practice in!) during the winter months, we've put together a series of exercises and stretches to improve your mental, physical, and strategic parts of your game. Make sure you check back every week for the next set of drills, so you can continue to get better, even if you’re not on the course or the range.

In the Stability, Mobility, and Rotation series, you’ll learn exercises, stretches and drills to help you create more efficient power and distance in your golf swing. The first exercise? The bear crawl.

When was the last time you bear crawled? Unless you Crossfit or have a baby who just started crawling, you probably haven't done a bear crawl since you were a kid. Well, it's time to bring it back.

The bear crawl activates your full body, especially your core, allowing you to gain more speed and control in your golf swing. When your abdominal muscles are in great shape, the control and strength of your swing are also in great shape. In the video above, golf performance master trainer, Trevor Anderson, instructs the exercise. Do this exercise along with the four other exercises in this series (listed below) 2-3 times per week to see improvement.

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