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Available now: A fully revamped tournament system for 18Birdies app version 13.10
We've received great feedback, and we've used it to improve tournaments. A fully revamped version of the 18Birdies tournament feature has been released. This update includes a bunch of cool new features and some major improvements as a result of feedback from 18Birdies golfers.
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Download the latest version of 18Birdies for the latest improvements to Track Shot
In our latest release, we've made a few updates to improve the overall experience,including your distance from the tee box and the GPS screen. We've also made it easier to track one shot to the next, and a way to make suqick edits to narrow in your shot distance accuracy.
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Meet 18Birdies Athlete: Always Go For The Green!
18Birdies is proud to introduce Always Go For The Green as an official brand partner and 18Birdies Athlete! Tanner is a Western Golf Association (WGA) Evans Scholar/Caddy graduate from the University of Wisconsin. His content includes the original golf hack along with various satire and a fresh look at the lighter side of the sport we love, along with fun 18Birdies clips/videos.
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Making tournaments and group outings easy
With 18Birdies, you can plan and manage your in-person or virtual golf tournaments and golf outings with friends. Create any style of tournament you want, including stroke play, stableford, scramble, and best ball, & invite your friends to join you. When friends or tournament participants enter their score for each hole, anyone in the tournament can instantly see who is leading, and how they’re performing vs others.
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Meet 18Birdies Athlete: Sheenah Pegeron
Hi, I’m Sheenah Pegeron, one of 18Birdies’ newest partners. I’ve been using the app for three months and have already seen some significant improvements in my game.
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How to factor in slope, wind, rain and temperature into your distances on the golf course
As a golfer we’ve run into this so many times, you get up to your ball and it’s 120 yards out from the flag so you grab your wedge and put a great swing on the ball only to come up 15 yards short!  How could this well struck shot come up so far short and lose you strokes in the process?
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18Birdies app update 13.0 is the best way to play golf with your friends
We’re kicking off the new year with a fresh update that is going to make the best free golf app even better. We’re excited to share the recent improvements with you, and then it’s your turn to jump back in the app and invite your friends!
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Do you have the free golf scorecard & golf GPS app from 18Birdies?
Sync your 18Birdies account with your Apple Watch app to score your round, log stats and get distances directly from your Apple Watch!
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Golf is more with fun with a free golf handicap
18Birdies is the best free golf handicap calculator available for golfers and all of their golf buddies who want a free golf handicap. On average, a golfer who tracks their golf handicap using the 18Birdies Handicap plays four strokes better than golfers who don’t.
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